Terms and Conditions for ThePokies76.net Casino

Welcome to ThePokies76.net Casino! Before you embark on an exciting gaming journey with us, it's crucial to understand and abide by the following terms and conditions. By accessing and using our platform, you acknowledge your consent and agreement to these terms. Let's delve into the details that govern your experience:

  1. Ownership and Licensing: "The Pokies" operates and manages this website, registered under the laws of Curacao. Authorized by the Curacao Gaming Authority and operating under License No. 1668/JAZ, we offer internet casino gaming services through various internet-enabled devices.
  2. Applicability of Terms and Conditions: These terms and conditions encompass the entire scope of using ThePokies 76.net gaming platform across desktops, mobile devices, and more. By accessing our services, you, "the player," establish a legal bond with us, "the operator," of ThePokies76.net Casino.
  3. Registration and Acceptance: Upon registering your account, you are entering into a binding agreement with us. Your account activation indicates your implicit agreement to these terms and conditions.
  4. Informed Decision-making: It is advised to thoroughly read and understand these terms before registering. Should any aspect be disagreeable, cease using ThePokies76.net immediately.


  1. Eligibility Criteria: a) You must meet the legal gambling age stipulated in your jurisdiction of residence. b) Access is permissible only from countries and regions where online gambling adheres to the law. You're solely responsible for ensuring compliance with your region's gambling regulations.
  2. Proof of Age: We may request proof of age to confirm eligibility. Failing to provide requested evidence may result in restricted access.
  3. Acknowledgment of Risks: Using our platform implies acceptance of potential financial gains or losses. We hold no liability for any resultant financial damages.
  4. Account History and Exclusion: By accessing our services, you declare that you haven't been excluded from gambling or had an account closure by us.
  5. Account Authenticity: Your registered account must bear accurate personal information. Usage of duplicate accounts for exploiting bonuses is allowed at our discretion.
  6. Fair Play and Collusion: Automating gameplay through robots or programmed devices is forbidden. Any evidence of collusion or unfair practices will void winnings.
  7. Bonus Abuse and Usage: Duplicate accounts to abuse bonuses are prohibited, subject to our discretion. We may void bonuses if terms are breached.
  8. Professional Usage Prohibited: Games are for personal, non-professional entertainment only.
  9. Security Measures and Criminal Activity: We retain the right to retain payments suspected of manipulation. Criminal charges await individuals facilitating such activities.
  10. Game Malfunction and Fair Play: Exploiting game malfunctions is prohibited. We investigate, and returned funds are at our discretion.
  11. Bonus Misuse and Strategies: Using strategies to exploit bonuses is prohibited. Such actions may result in cancellation of winnings.

Opening Your Account

  1. Accurate Information Provision: During account creation, accurate details such as name, birthdate, email, and phone are necessary. Documentation may be requested.
  2. Contact Details Maintenance: Updating contact details is possible through customer service or your profile section.
  3. Risk Acceptance: Account creation implies acknowledgment of associated risks. The Pokies76.net is not liable for financial damages.


  1. Timely Deposit Processing: Deposits are processed upon confirmation from your financial institution.
  2. Deposit Limits: Deposits must adhere to prescribed limits.
  3. Documentation Requests: Proof of personal information and transactions may be requested.
  4. Payment Methods: Use personal credit/debit cards or approved payment methods. Exceptions need support staff approval.


  1. Withdrawal Processing: We strive for fast withdrawals; delays may occur. Contact live support for updates.
  2. Fund Transmission: Upon withdrawal processing, fund receipt is beyond our control.
  3. Rejected Withdrawal: Rejected withdrawals require alternate arrangements.
  4. Wagering Requirements: Withdrawal requires gameplay (1x for PayID, 3x for Credit Card) as per anti-money laundering laws.
  5. No Withdrawal Fees: We don't impose withdrawal fees, but your financial institution might.
  6. Financial Institution Comparison: The casino isn't a financial institution; it doesn't accrue interest or offer conversion services.
  7. Verification Process: Identity verification may be required; funds are held during validation.

Breaches and Termination

  1. Breach Consequences: Breach of terms leads to account suspension and fund withholding. Violations include, but are not limited to:
  • Manipulating gameplay or exploiting technical vulnerabilities.
  • Engaging in fraudulent activities or unauthorized use.
  • Collusion or coordination with other players for unfair advantage.
  • Utilizing duplicate accounts for bonus abuse.
  • Violation of responsible gaming principles.
  1. Evidence Requirement: In case of breach allegations, we may request evidence and conduct an investigation. Any decisions made are final.
  2. Account Closure and Reporting: Accounts found in breach will be terminated. We reserve the right to inform relevant authorities and share evidence of breaches.
  3. Account Restoration: If your account is suspended due to a breach, reinstatement may be considered after a review of your conduct and actions.

By adhering to our terms and conditions, you contribute to fostering a secure and transparent gaming environment at ThePokies76.net Casino.